Types of Label Printing Machines and Print Methods

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One of the most useful equipments used to print labels and stickers include the label printing machines. These machines are mainly used to print different types of stickers and labels for various industrial purposes. There are a wide variety available in the online and offline markets. With the help of different types of printers, it is possible to print stickers with various designs and decorations.

Printing machines which are used to print tags have specific characteristic features. These printers can be classified according to the physical characteristics, available supplies and the print method.

According to the physical characteristics, sticker printers can be classified into CD, industrial, desktop, commercial, personal, portable industrial printers and handheld.

CD printers: These machines are mainly used to print stickers and tags on CDs. Both inkjet print and thermal print methods are used for printing CD stickers.

Commercial printers: Another classification of the print machine includes the commercial printers. It is mainly used to print bulk amount of stickers at a time. Different types of commercial printers are available at affordable prices in many of the online stores.

Desktop printers: One of the most common type of printers used in most of the offices include the desktop. Compared to the other machines, these are quite affordable and efficient. It is less noisy and can be used for both small scale and large scale printing purposes.

Industrial printers: The industrial print machines are used to print stickers and tags for industrial commodities. It is mainly used in warehouses, distribution centers and factories to tag goods and commodities of different sizes and varieties.

Portable industrial printers: One of the most useful label printing machines includes the portable industrial printers. It is mainly used to print tags for items used in construction sites and production floor. Since these machines are portable, it can be carried around easily and used in places with limited computer accessibility.

Handheld printers: Another variety of print machines used for printing tags is the handheld printers. These are quite inexpensive. It is ideal for domestic purposes such as printing tags or stickers for lunch boxes, storage cans and so forth.

Garment printers: Various types of garment print machines are also available at different price rates. Garment printers are electrically driven and are quite efficient in printing labels for clothes. These equipments are easy to operate and last for a long period of time.

Types of Print Methods

Three varieties of print methods are used in the label printing machines which include the thermal transfer printing, dot matrix and direct thermal printing. In dot matrix printing machines, the ink is transferred to the stickers with the use of pins present in a matrix. These pins contact the ink and it is transferred to the tags. Direct thermal printers utilize heat to transfer the ink on the stickers.

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